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Esto fidelis et esto praeclarus
Be faithful and be excellent

What is Esports and Why Lipscomb?

Esports is a team of students competing in a specific game against another team of students, but it is also an opportunity for students to build community, experience the values of discipline and teamwork, practice sportsmanship, and enjoy competition in a Christian atmosphere. Esports is one of the fastest growing sports among schools with over $16 million in scholarships offered by colleges in 2020 alone. With very few schools in the area having established esports teams, Lipscomb seeks to be on the cutting edge of affording these opportunities to students.

Structure and Design

Lipscomb Academy esports is divided into two divisions. The Middle School Division is coached and led by Jamon Martin. The academy competes in Smash Brothers for Nintendo Switch (ESRB 10+), Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (ESRB 10+), Fortnie (ESRB T), and Rocket League (ESRB E). 

The High School Division is coached by in-house esports veteran, Tyler Mason. Games competed in include Valorant (ESRB T), Super Smash Brothers on Nintendo Switch (ESRB 10+), Fortnite (ESRB T), and Rocket League (ESRB E). 

An explanation of ESRB ratings for games can be found at

We are partnered with two organizations for the 2023-2024 seasons. Most of the games are run through High School Esports League (HESL) and Middle School Esports League (MESL). The only exception to this is Fortnite  which will still be facilitated by Vanta. 

The competitive rules for each game are linked below.

3v3 Rocket League 

5v5 Valorant (HS only)

1v1 Best of 5 Smash Ultimate

4v4 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (MS only)


Both HSEL and MSEL rank players using a matchmaking ranking (MMR) system. This system determines placement in tournaments, leaderboards, and pairing with opponents during season play. The “Skill Rating” or “MMR” is an aggregate # determined by a few factors:

1. Roster W/L record

2. Roster win %

3. Opponent avg. win %

Win % is in regards to ROUNDS within matches, so if you clean sweep 3-0 to win the match, you have 100% win percentage, whereas a 3-2 match win will result in a lower win % percentage.

The system matches by individual user + roster record, so once the queue system has about two weeks of data, matches become much more accurate and even skill-wise. At the beginning of a season, these factors are still working themselves out, but by week three, players should begin to see a balance in skill-based matchmaking. This idea of matchups by skill rating is called “Swiss”, and while the queue system isn’t TRUE Swiss, over all, it results in healthier and STRONGER competition.

Vanta ranks players on a total points format with the cumulative score of a team’s best 3 matches being reported each week.

Stang Nation Gaming

Apart from our middle and high school divisions, every Tuesday Tyson Coles and Dr. Brad Schultz are hosting Mustang Nation Gaming. Mustang Nation Gaming is a group of Lipscomb Academy students who meet up and hang out to play games with each other. The Esports Lab is open for everyone from 6th - 12th grade.

Fall Roster 

More Information and Resources

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