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Launch of Mustang Esports!

January has been a productive month for the academy, and today, we announce another initiative with the launch of Mustang Esports

January has been a productive month for the academy, and today, we announce another initiative with the launch of Mustang Esports! 

After much research into national esports governing bodies, Lipscomb Academy is partnering with Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF) to pilot the inaugural program for middle and high school students. EGF hosts 600 different esports teams with approximately 1,600 students participating annually. Through EGF, the academy esports teams will compete in both a fall and spring season against local, regional, and national teams. (In collaboration with Disney, the EGF high school national competition is hosted at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.) 

Video games are a product of all STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) concepts. When joined together, the concepts create an interactive medium providing a unique arena for new skills and problem solving. As an early adopter of esports in the Southeast region, Lipscomb Academy is at the forefront of academic institutions expanding experiential learning and the traditional team platform.

By embracing esports, a door is opened for amateur gamers encouraging both individual and team discipline, the honing of visual acuity and hand-eye coordination, the development of effective communication, and ideal sportsmanship. Additionally, students are introduced to educational opportunities that potentially can lead to college scholarships and a wide spectrum of careers in coding, content creation, marketing, and broadcasting among others. As a benefit to academy students, EGF hosts an annual High School College Recruitment Fair inviting students to connect with college esports coaches, career paths, and scholarship opportunities. 

Talents and passions manifest in a myriad of ways, and Lipscomb Academy is the harbor where all students’ gifts are championed. With the intent to connect amateur gamers’ passion to an organized sport and future college and career opportunities, esports high school tryouts begin next week with middle school tryouts the following week. 

It’s on like Donkey Kong!

Gavin Hammers, assistant head of middle school and esports administrator, will be communicating tryout information and a sign-up forms with all middle and high school students and parents soon!

To get a better glimpse into the new Esports room click here.