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Outstanding Lipscomb Academy Faculty, Staff Awards


Dwight L. Moody, a 19th century evangelist, was quoted as saying, “We are told to let our light shine, and if it does, we won’t need to tell anybody it does. Lighthouses don’t fire cannons to call attention to their shining – they just shine.”

On April 29, 2022, we recognized those individuals that just shine. Lipscomb University and Academy celebrated faculty and staff accomplishments with a joint Night of Lights dinner. Individuals who have impacted students or their faculty/staff colleagues during the 2021-22 academic year were honored in the presence of their peers.

Awards were given to the following seven Lipscomb Academy faculty and staff for their outstanding service to the school:


Rookie of the Year
This individual is in their first year at Lipscomb Academy
and has had a significant impact on others - students, families, and peers.

Meaghan Creamer

Meaghan isn’t afraid of failing or making mistakes. She encourages students to figure it out on their own. Not only do the students love going to her Related Arts class, she has gone out of her way to collaborate with our team on a cross-curricular project. She is always open to ideas that we bring to her, and in turn, she shares ideas that she thinks would appeal to our students and supplement the work we are doing in our classes.


Lifelong Learner
This individual actively pursues continued personal professional growth and development.

Sarah Robinson

Sarah is a leader and educator who goes beyond the confines of the classroom. She seeks to learn, advocate for, and present innovative tools and resources to administration, faculty, and staff to ensure Lipscomb Academy is a unique educational institution with multiple modalities of learning. Her pursuit of knowledge and understanding makes her an outstanding teacher, leader, and friend.


Sunshine Award
This individual radiates the “light” of Jesus to students.

Lisa Grissim

The middle school simply couldn’t run without Lisa. She is the first face our students see everyday as they pass the office. She always has a smile on her face and asks how each of us teachers are. She is the calming force for the “typical” middle schooler. She has a servant heart and lives this out each day for the students and teachers. Lisa is the place we all turn for the answer to every question middle school-related and always keeps the middle school running effortlessly.


Students are naturally drawn to this individual,
and this person is typically seen surrounded by students.

Tristan Wheeler

Tristan moves through life with patience, gentleness, and compassion, and these attributes draw people to him. He always has a posse surrounding him. He makes people feel seen. He has an ability to relate to and love students in a way that builds kinship beyond the baseline teacher-student relationship. Students love Tristan because of how clear it is that he loves them; everything he does speaks of his care for them, and he constantly shows that he desires absolutely nothing but the best for each student at the school.


This individual continually encourages and mentors others.

Chasidy Burton 

Chasidy is the epitome of a teacher leader. She is humble yet confident, knowledgeable yet curious, and wise without pretension. This year, she has spent countless hours coaching and mentoring new teachers in their practice and giving them the encouragement they need to succeed. She is the voice of reason and comfort in the midst of hard school days, and she can be counted on to go to bat for you when you need it most. Chasidy is a truly remarkable mentor.


Mustang Spirit
This individual bleeds purple and gold.

Mark Pugh

No one quite embodies the spirit of a Lipscomb Academy Mustang like Mark. Having been a part of this family for over four decades, he has a knowledge of the school and its history that rivals David Lipscomb himself. As principal, teacher, and coach, he has gained the utmost respect from both colleagues and students alike. Additionally, he has an appreciation for alumni that leaves students of the past knowing Lipscomb will forever be a part of their present and future. He remembers former students, celebrates them, and holds them as a part of our greater family. Most notably, his love of the Lord is evident in all that he does.


Outstanding Educator
This individual has had a tremendous impact on student growth and learning.

Lisa Smith

Lisa is the teacher we should all strive to be. She is the epitome of what it means to teach students to aspire towards excellence. She provides some of the most challenging courses at Lipscomb Academy and does it with endless optimism and joy. Her love of biology and Christ coexist beautifully in the way she presents her lessons. She is most concerned with instilling in students the values that make them good human beings with strong moral compasses rooted in a Biblical worldview.  


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