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Lipscomb Academy 2022 Retirees



Each year, we bid farewell to faculty and staff members that have dedicated their professional careers to Lipscomb Academy. The celebration is bittersweet for the academy as we honor our retirees. Their dedication humbles and inspires us, and we are thankful for their service and their contributions to our students, faculty, and staff.

The 2022 retirees are as follows:

Lipscomb Academy celebrates Cheryl Pittard, retiring after 26 years in service to Lipscomb Academy! We are so grateful for your dedication to our faculty, staff, and students.

Cheryl has been a guiding light for Lipscomb Academy as an executive assistant to the head of school. During her tenure, she served six heads of school unwaveringly. She is the authority on Lipscomb heritage and is an advocate for all of the groups represented within our community. 

Both of Cheryl’s daughters, Jodi Frye and Calle Pittard, are alumni of Lipscomb Academy, and in her retirement, she is looking forward to spending more time with her family - especially her granddaughter Ruby. Cheryl is most excited about living life at a slower pace in the country.

When asked what her greatest memory is, Cheryl did not hesitate. “Working at Lipscomb has been a huge blessing in my life. I've made many lifelong friends during my time here.” And the friends you leave behind will miss you greatly, Cheryl!

Always a consummate professional, Cheryl is steadfast in her undeniable devotion to the academy. She equally holds all the secrets and all our hearts.


Lipscomb Academy celebrates Phyllis Sanders, retiring after 30 years in education with 27 of those years in service to Lipscomb Academy! We are so grateful for your dedication to our students.

Phyllis taught third grade for her entire career at Lipscomb Academy. She knew she wanted to become a teacher when she was in the fifth grade. Miss Jeffrey, her fifth-grade teacher, inspired her to learn things she didn’t think she could learn. She also wanted to make a difference in the lives of children, like Miss Jeffrey did. 

Her proudest professional accomplishment was the completion of a Doctorate of Education 20 years into her teaching career. Her proudest and most cherished moments, though, were when former students, who had grown up, contacted her to thank her for helping them during a difficult time of life. 

In her retirement, Phyllis is looking forward to spending more time with family and friends, traveling, helping others, and purging items she doesn’t need any more. She may even consider doing some adjunct teaching!

When asked about her hope for future educators, Phyllis desires a healthy balance of work and family/friend time. Additionally, she hopes families will continue to provide support and encourage partnerships in education.

In addition to dedicating her career here and her daughter Hope being a Lipscomb Lifer, Lipscomb Academy will always be a special place for Phyllis. In her words, she knows the school “is made up of the best teachers who love God, children, and families!”

If you were one of her former students, update Phyllis on where life has taken you!




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