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Mustangs, I am extremely excited about the opportunity to continue to build community throughout Lipscomb Academy and knit together the past, present, and future into one seamless bond, joining the oldest alumni and the youngest students together with the shared experience of being a mustang. 

I appreciate the opportunity to create intentional ways to connect and continue building community for all of our families. Our school would not be the same without the support of our families and commitment from our community.”

Kevin Starks, Head of School for Mustang Life



At Lipscomb Academy, our students pursue honor and integrity at everything they do. Our goal is to provide them with endless paths to achieve their goals and dreams.





Lipscomb Academy Parents are known for their exceptional support and their unmatched dedication to our community. A quick look around campus will lead to the discovery that parents are volunteering in many different capacities!





Lipscomb Academy Alums stay engaged. They attend homecoming games and even support the Mustangs on the road in their respective cities. Most importantly, they continue to live out the mission of our school even after graduation. 



Beyond the Classroom

Amid classes and studying, good times will fill your days at Lipscomb Academy. Year-round, Lipscomb’s campus pulses with life, band concerts, field days, impromptu ping pong tournaments, art exhibits, and more fill the campus with color and excitement.

Academic Calendar

Lipscomb will always be home. Thankful for a place that exceeds excellence in everything. It has an unparalleled community. So thankful for this place and the people who make it so great. The world needs more places like Lipscomb Academy. 

School traditions mark major milestones during your time as a Lipscomb Mustang, connecting students across grades and generations that keep them firmly rooted in their love for Lipscomb Academy. In addition to our top-notch academic curriculum in every school, the Lipscomb Academy experience provides many amazing opportunities for students. 

Whether you come in contact with a crossing guard, principal, nurse, teacher, administrator, or coach, it is almost impossible to miss the loving and caring culture of Lipscomb Academy.

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