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Learning to express oneself in constructive ways is a primary mission of any school. Far from extra-curricular, the visual and performing arts are core co-curricular courses that help each student identify and develop abilities with which they express their own feelings and their God-likeness. God the creator made us in His image. Creativity is a reflection of, and a way to, honor Him.”

Passion meets at the intersection of creativity and skill, in Lipscomb Academy’s visual and performing arts program that is unlike any other in Middle Tennessee.

Lipscomb fine arts not only recognizes and brings out the best in your child’s creativity while honing the rigorous skills necessary for mastery, but the program also shares a unique collaboration with Lipscomb University to create a one-of-a-kind experience for students at any age, and at any skill level, to refine their passion and talent.

From the vibrant student art displayed throughout the halls of the Lower School to the stories brought to life in the Middle School drama department to the Upper School musicians who enhance our community events, art is everywhere. Students in all grade levels have the opportunity to explore both the visual and the performing arts as they learn to express their creative selves.

The visual and performing arts play an integral role in the curriculum and life of the School. Under the guidance of Lipscomb’s highly skilled arts faculty, students gain technical proficiency, attain a high level of artistic literacy and come to know the joy of discovering and sharing their talents.

We believe that a broad education in the arts provides children with a better understanding of their world. That’s why we strive to develop your child’s cultural and emotional literacy alongside their math and science literacy. Adults in today’s world must be flexible, able to communicate and solve problems, able to learn new skills quickly, be creative and innovative: all skills refined, reinforced, and cemented through arts education. The arts will boost your children’s achievement and build them into innovative thinkers.

Lipscomb Academy Choir at the @TokensShow !

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The Music Academy and School of Dance

Lipscomb Academy offers on-site private instruction by credentialed music and dance professionals in its Music Academy and School of Dance. The Music Academy draws on Lipscomb’s depth of music professors to provide lessons similar to those your child would experience at the university level. The newly established School of Dance offers instruction by local dance professionals and faculty including Lipscomb’s theater program director, a long-time leader in Nashville’s musical theater at the high school and community levels, Kari Smith.

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2021-2022 Fine Arts Calendar

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Apr 28
Mon, Apr 29
Tue, Apr 30
Orchestra Concert (5th-12th)
Wed, May 1
Thu, May 2
Fri, May 3
HS Chorus in MS Chapel
Sat, May 4
Sun, May 5
Band Concert
HS Chorus Concert
Mon, May 6
Tue, May 7
Dance Showcase
Wed, May 8
Thu, May 9
Fri, May 10
Sat, May 11
Sun, May 12
Mon, May 13
Tue, May 14
Wed, May 15
Thu, May 16
Fri, May 17
5th Grade Musical
Lipscomb Academy Lower School, 4517 Granny White Pike, Nashville, TN 37204, USA
Sat, May 18
Sun, May 19
Mon, May 20
Tue, May 21
Wed, May 22
Thu, May 23
Fri, May 24
Sat, May 25
Sun, May 26
Mon, May 27
Tue, May 28
Wed, May 29
Thu, May 30
Fri, May 31
Sat, Jun 1

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  • Fine Arts

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