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SEED School


At Lipscomb Academy, we believe early childhood education is the cornerstone of child development and sets the foundation for future school success.

Young children learn rapidly in the first five years of life, and how they learn and develop is critical. Between birth and six years old, a child’s brain develops more than at any other stage of life. At Lipscomb Academy, we take full advantage of this period to ensure educational success in the future. The SEED School encourages students to Seek, Explore, Experiment, and Discover (SEED) the world around them. 

We provide our students with a rigorous academic experience through developmental play and discovery. We teach our students of God’s never-ending love and ignite their innate curiosity as we explore the wonders of His kingdom. We believe that early childhood education is much more than readiness for elementary school. It is the holistic approach to the development of a child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth. It is the foundation necessary to produce lifelong learners. We understand that our students are changing daily and strive to provide a rich, engaging experience that nurtures and challenges their young hearts and minds. 

Letter from Associate Head of SEED School

Welcome to Lipscomb Academy SEED School. Our school is based on a progressive vision for early childhood education. We pride ourselves in providing rich, authentic experiences to inspire children to want to learn. This approach encourages students to be active participants in learning by offering space and time for them to Seek, Explore, Experiment and Discover (SEED) God’s Kingdom. Creating an environment that invites continuous exploration and engagement nurtures innate curiosity. Early childhood education impacts everything from future school performance to lifelong social skills. Our goal is to foster a love for learning that lasts well past the early years.

Building strong relationships within our school community is at the heart of my personal practice. I want all students and families to have a true sense of belonging. Your child will grow not only as an academic learner but also as a child of God. Sharing in the growth and development of our precious students is a profound privilege. I look forward to listening to your vision for our school and collaborating with each of you to support our community. I am thankful to be joining you on this journey. YOU BELONG HERE!

Michele Young Associate Head of SEED School



More Than A Preschool

The benefits of the SEED School program reach far beyond the typical preschool experience. We equip our young students with social, emotional, and spiritual knowledge that will help them succeed throughout their lifetimes. Our teachers play a critical role in their student's growth and development which is why we require them to be faith-based, licensed educators. They are specialists in the world of early childhood and know specifically what this population needs. The schema from these formative years will provide all Lipscomb Academy SEED School students with the fundamentals needed for future success. 

Unique Learning Opportunities

All SEED classes (PK2-Kindergarten) follow a literacy-based curriculum focused on content knowledge, social skills, and linguistics. As our young students begin to master listening, speaking, and writing, we maximize their learning opportunities by teaching them to be inquisitive, adventurous, and creative. We know a high-quality early education experience yields greater gains in all areas of development which is why capitalize on every child’s strengths and set each one on a uniquely individual trajectory for success.

Experience The Difference

Your child’s early years are important to you, and they are important to us. It is during this time that children have the greatest capacity and appetite to learn. We take pride in being a part of their educational experience and daily lives. The SEED School seeks to support and nurture young children and their families. We invite you to be a part of this safe and welcoming environment and look forward to partnering with you on this journey.

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