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Paths of Distinction


Career focused learning at Lipscomb Academy

Path Will


Future doctors, dentists, pharmacists, physical therapists, and other similar health professionals are prepared through challenging coursework and senior year experiences curated to bolster medical school applications. 


Let’s create! This initiative focuses on constructing a strong foundation for ambitious students desiring to launch their own entrepreneurial ventures in the future. 


Focused on experiential opportunities and desirable nursing skills, this program equips future nurses to enter college with the academic foundations and understanding of their chosen profession.

Engineering & Computer Science

Focused on developing the skills necessary for a career as an Engineer, this program creates a strong foundation for a future in various types of Engineering and Computing careers. 


The sub disciplines of business, whether finance, accounting, investing, data analytics, or leadership, are incorporated into this track providing the opportunities for students to explore the realms through networking and experiential moments within their chosen field.

Future Paths

Coming Soon!

We are continually adding more programs each year. Do you have a particular career you want to explore? Share it with us and let us work with you to create a path customized for your future.

A vision for our students’ future, Paths of Distinction is a personalized approach to introducing students to future career avenues through specialized course work and experiential learning.

Click through our paths to discover more about our offerings for the 2024-2025 school year!

Student's are often asked "What do I want to be when I grow up?"  Lipscomb Academy has asked the question of "how can we help students meet their future goals". 

Path Components: 

  • Lipscomb Academy Courses
  • Lipscomb University Courses & Facilities 
  • Career-Focused Experiential Learning

The traditional path to graduation is extended to every student in high school; however, students are given the opportunity to join a Path of Distinction. While flexible in course choices, each path has set requirements to complete which extend beyond the traditional graduation requirements. As part of the high school self-exploration process, students may explore various paths or even change paths resulting in the benefit of realizing one’s affinities or aversions prior to declaring a major in college. This individualized approach allows the coursework to align with the specific aspirations of the student and adeptly prepares the student for both college and his/her chosen career path.

Letter from the Director of Strategic Initiatives

"I’m excited that Lipscomb Academy believes helping students reach their goals is extremely important.  These personalized paths will help students as they begin to prepare for future careers.  Individual student goals are important and we love partnering with our students to help them achieve their goals.  I can’t wait to see what great things God has in store for our students!”

Kristi ReynoldsDirector of Strategic Initiatives

Contact Kristi Reynolds, Director of Strategic Initiatives, for more information regarding Paths of Distinction for students in rising grades 9-11.