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Online Learning


Empowering Minds with Anywhere Learning

Lipscomb Academy offers our students a vast selection of opportunities. Our online program is one of the many ways we allow students to pursue their passions. With the convenient online format, students have added flexibility to complete their courses. Learning online helps promote and refine critical thinking and self-motivation while mastering course materials and practicing tech skills.

Our online courses are unique because Lipscomb Academy teachers or administrators design them to meet the needs of our students. Lipscomb Academy teachers also teach our classes, allowing a personal touch as needed. Endeavor students, as well as traditional students, benefit from our online program. Our online course offerings are open to all students in grades 9-12.

Lipscomb Academy is dedicated to expanding our learning opportunities each year, providing students with increasingly enriching experiences. The courses are a mixture of required courses and electives. Some courses are only offered online, giving students a wider variety of options.

Lipscomb Academy offers online courses during the school year and also over the summer. Why do students take an online course during the summer? Many students need help fitting in all the courses they would like to take since students must choose between university classes, athletics, fine arts, study halls, and advanced courses. We are continually looking for non-traditional, unique ways for our students to get their required courses without sacrificing the other things they would like to accomplish. Online Summer classes are one of the many ways Lipscomb Academy helps students achieve their goals.

Being able to study online has shown me that learning can happen anywhere. Even though I'm not in a regular classroom, I've still learned so much. It's taught me to be better at organizing my time and being open to new ways of learning, which I think will really help me in the future.

Online Learning Student

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