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Middle School


The period from sixth to eighth grade is one of the most transformative times in a young person’s life. At Lipscomb Academy, we will walk alongside your child to help them grow into themselves, discover their gifts and expand their perspectives.

One of the most important components of sixth through eighth grades is developing critical thinking skills. By learning to ask tough questions, convey their ideas incisively, and consider how they can impact the world at large, students begin maturing into thoughtful, responsible adults.

Our faith and belief in God are an important part of our school and the way we teach. As young learners, that belief is an important part of how they learn. As students get older they are guided to develop their own faith and relationship with God. Children actively participate in daily Bible activities, prayer, praise, and service learning. In the sixth through eighth grades young learners develop roots as spiritual and character formation is the essence of our mission.

In this world it is important that our children have multiple mentors and guiding lights to illuminate their path and show how it can be in step with the way of Jesus. The LA community the teachers, coaches, administration students and parents have been that for both my children. All glory to the work of Jesus in the lives of us all!

Ritchie Pickens 
Director of Mustang Life, Middle School

Letter from Associate Head of Middle School

"It is my pleasure to welcome you to Lipscomb Academy Middle School. We are committed to providing a high quality christian educational experience. We encourage and facilitate this period of exploration and discovery by teaching our middle school students to become better thinkers, creators, collaborators and communicators. Seamlessly embedded into our middle school curriculum, are multiple opportunities to take courses that challenge and inspire our students' intellect and creativity. We embrace and problem solve the challenges of the future while continuing to cherish and celebrate the traditions of the past. Our accomplished faculty and staff, actively engaged parents, and diverse student body come together to make Lipscomb Academy Middle School an extraordinary community."

Dr. Crystal Hastings Associate Head of Middle School

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