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Lower School

Fostering a student’s desire and ability to take personal ownership of their learning inside and outside of the classroom equips students for independent lifelong learning.

At the Lipscomb Academy Lower School, our faculty and staff are skilled at facilitating the learning process for our students by igniting personal curiosity, wonder, and inquiry as an integral part of learning. Intentional focus is placed on facilitating the learning process for students, recognizing effort not final grades, mastering standards, and learning from mistakes. Through effort, challenge, and perseverance, students learn to take personal responsibility for and pride in their learning outcomes. 

Lipscomb Academy realizes that not all students learn at the same pace or in the same way. Differentiation begins in the classroom. Our teachers are intently focused on small-group, student-led groups, one-on-one, and independent learning rather than whole-group. This allows all students to learn at a more individualized pace. When necessary for success, additional support is offered through our Academic Learning Services program to provide reading, writing, and math intervention as well as enrichment. Our Equip program is also available when children need tutoring services after school.

I count it a tremendous blessing to know my students & be a part of their lives well beyond kindergarten.  Thank you Lipscomb Academy families for placing your trust and confidence in me as an educator and friend to your child along their lifelong walk. 

Kelly Austin
Lower School Faculty

Letter from Associate Head of Lower School

"Welcome to the Lipscomb Academy Lower School! We realize that even the first step of landing on a webpage and learning more about what we have to offer is an important part of your journey to learn more about us and if this is the right school for your family. We are glad you’re here. A website can’t tell our whole story. It’s just the beginning. At Lipscomb Academy Lower School, PK2 - 5th grade, you will find a welcoming, Christian spirit amongst all of us - faculty, staff, administration, students, and families alike. We have an intense and intentional focus on the academic success, safety, and social-emotional-spiritual well-being of our students. Although we are proud of our rich history of more than 100+ years, we are focused on the future of education for our students as it is changing rapidly. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you further and show you around Lipscomb Academy."

Dr. Allen Long Associate Head of Lower School


Lower School Resources

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